Pre-Ink Stamps

Pre-ink Stamps eliminate the need for an inkpad the die material contains thousands of microscopic pre-inked cells which, if looked after, will produce thousands of clear impressions.

Pre-ink stamps are useful when space is at a premium as they are compact come complete with a lid and the fact there is no ink pad is a real space saver.

Our pre-ink Stamps are custom-made in-house, often showing a name & address, Company Logo or something similar, or they denote typical words such as :- Cancelled, Overdue, Faxed, Proof etc. Pre-ink stamps are widely used in offices and shops to transfer key-words, name & address etc. on to paperwork, receipts or any other paperwork.

Pre Ink Stamps

All of our products are manufactured to a very high standard at a competitive price. We can also offer quick turnaround times.

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